Rob Ramos is a lifelong resident of Brooklyn. An educator, activist, union leader and father, he has dedicated his life to improving the lives of Brooklyn residents. While growing up in the neighborhood of Brownsville and as a student of the NYC Public School system, he is familiar with the various injustices that plague both our Borough of Brooklyn and the city. Through hard work and dedication, Rob Ramos was about to overcome these adversities. A graduate of Brooklyn College, he has built a reputation as an activist for social justice and a fighter against educational injustices on all levels.

As a member of the City University of New York (CUNY) Board of Trustees, Rob Ramos advocated for a truly free CUNY and SUNY, while fighting for the students’ right to a quality education.

As a member of AFSCME and President of DC37 Local 205 Daycare Workers Union, Rob Ramos fought to protect workers’ rights to organize and collective budget. He called out the city for its lack of salary parity amount daycare workers and eventually won significant salary increases for 3500 city daycare workers.

Rob Ramos is running because it is time for a more progressive agenda for NYC. An agenda that will not just give politically lip service to injustices but will provide real action and solutions that finally address the issues of education inequality, housing and homelessness, social justice and environmental justice.