Environmental Justice


Brooklyn must move to become a more sustainable borough. Homeowners must be given incentives and grants to solarize their homes and become more energy efficient. NYCHA developments must also be solarized to provide tenants with financial relief from high-energy bills. Vertical farming developments must become part of the Brooklyn landscape especially in food desert areas to provide those areas with a better selection of nutritious food.

Social Justice


The school to prison pipeline, which leads to the incarceration of people of color, must be dismantled. A Citizens Complaint Review Board whom members are voted on by the residents of Brooklyn, not appointed, must be created and given actual investigative power to hold law enforcement agents accountable for the use of excessive force.


The legalization of Marijuana must happen in NYS and those formerly incarcerated must be the first to benefit.

Housing and Homelessness


Housing is a right! We must advocate for the expanded development of Community Land Trusts though out Brooklyn. CLT’s will help Brooklyn residents with the path to homeownership. House owners must be protected from predatory speculators trying to buy their homes at low market rates and NYC must abolish the Tax Lien Sale of homes, which adversely affects the home ownership of people of color. A rent freeze must continue to protect renters from unnecessary evictions and more affordable housing must be created using the Area Median Income (AIM) of a neighborhood.


Homelessness in Brooklyn must be addressed by creating a task force to develop the necessary services and programs, which will enable and assist homeless individuals to get back on their feet while respecting them as human beings.



Education is a right! All students must receive a high quality education through all levels of their education. The expansion of early childhood 3k and UPK programs must continue in Brooklyn. These programs will provide our youngest residents with the skills needed to achieve academic success. The issue of education inequality must be addressed. Underperforming and underfunded schools must be provided with the resources they need to educate students appropriately and successfully. NYC and NYS must implement a truly free higher education system.